My Philosophy

Conventional medicine seeks a diagnosis and medicates symptoms. My philosophy, by contrast, is based on functional medicine, a clinical approach that looks at how all the body’s systems interact and seeks to get them all functioning optimally.

Diet, lifestyle, environmental factors, and stress are all seen as playing a huge role in either making you sick or keeping you well.

Your immune system may be suffering, your hormones are possibly out of balance, and you may feel exhausted, anxious, and irritable more frequently than you would like.

Together, we can relieve your symptoms, reduce the need for unnecessary medications, and enable you to live a vital, energetic, and pain-free life. It’s not about learning to live with a disease. It’s about creating a lifelong condition of health.

The Four Cornerstones of Good Health

A Health-Promoting Diet

Using nutritional medicine to combat the diet-disease connection.

A Health-Promoting Life

A healthful lifestyle improves longevity & the quality of life. 

A Positive Mental Attitude

Optimal health begins with a positive mental attitude.

Supplementary Measures

Physical care & and nutritional supplementation to support & achieve good health.

What We Offer

Functional Lab Testing & Analysis

Get to the root cause(s) of your discomfort. Definitive lab assessments and analyses can clear the roadmap to optimal health.



Integrative Treatment Plans + Support

A targeted, holistic approach based on research, clinical, and industry experience to get you feeling more like yourself again.


Supplementary Discounts $$$

Proud partner with Thorne Research, redefining what it means to live healthy. Community members get a generous savings.


Customized Nutrition Plans

Learn first hand what it means to eat right for your body! We use science and your personal preference to create custom meal plans for you and your entire family.



Support Groups & Online Courses

Education is the name of the game!  Our Healthy Made Simple course is a community and support group that teaches you lifelong tools to balance your health naturally.

Have a question? Reach out!

Feel free to reach out for guidance. Your health and well-being is our top priority, and we’re here to provide you with the right information and support you need.


What is holistic nutrition?

Holistic nutrition is a whole-body approach to health and wellness, considering your lifestyle factors, food choices, activity levels, environment, and the presence of chronic disease.

Holistic nutrition vs. standard nutrition?

The practice of holistic nutrition is similar to that of functional medicine, although not interchangeable. Functional medicine is a patient-centered practice rather than a disease-centered practice. It focuses on the body as a whole ecosystem, and the main goal is to address the root cause of symptoms, such as gastrointestinal distress, skin issues, and brain fog. These symptoms can be clues to potential food-related health issues, such as nutritional deficiencies, food sensitivities, or food allergies.

Should I do a detox or cleanse?

We prefer to help you build life-long skills and incorporate daily practices to improve your health, performance, and body composition without extreme (and unsustainable) things like mainstream detoxes and cleanses. However, we do implement some advanced organ cleansing techniques in some of our deeper work with our clients and host introductory seasonal cleanses to the public.

How many appointments do I need?

The number of required appointments depends entirely on an individual’s needs. We will discuss options with you at your first session. For clients with more complex conditions or issues that warrant a permanent lifestyle change, it is highly recommended to consider either an 8 or 12-week service package option which entails weekly 45-minute meetings along with consistent and timely follow-up throughout the course of the program in order to sustain a lasting lifelong transformative change.

I am new to nutrition – where do I start?

At our practice, the first step is to identify and remove deficiencies. Clients don’t need a significant overhaul on day one. They just need to fix their major nutrient or vitamin deficiencies. Because until these are fixed, the body simply won’t function correctly.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! Payment plan flexibility will be discussed in your initial free consultation. 

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A consultation call is the first step to discussing your current health challenges to determine if functional nutrition is right for you.

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