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Herbal teas are one of the most common ways to enjoy herbs in a daily setting. Did you know this method of preparation is also called an Herbal Infusion?! But what I am going to be talking about in this post is the next step up from tea, and it is called a Nourishing Herbal Infusion.

A nourishing herbal infusion generally refers to herbs brewed over a long period of time. This allows for stronger mineral content in the tea. Nettle leaf is one of my favorite herbs to use to help support muscle pain, arthritis, and blood sugar management. When nettle is steeped for a short brew nettle tea the calcium content per cup can be expected to be near the five to ten-milligram range. When nettle is long brewed for an herbal infusion, we can expect to see the calcium content rise significantly to contain up to five hundred milligrams per cup. See the difference here?!

Nutritive herbs and nourishing tonics are often classified as “people’s medicine”, meaning they are appropriate for use by anyone without concern for safety. Although allergic reactions and interactions with medications may be a concern with any herb. Talk to your functional nutritionist to learn more about what herbs may be appropriate for you! Nourishing herbs are called ‘nourishing’ because they are nutritional powerhouses filled with minerals, vitamins, and phytochemicals! Their effects can be slower acting, yet powerful. As you know, I will always advocate for whole, nutrient-dense foods, and nourishing herbs make important contributions to optimizing overall health and should not be discounted. Their ideal use is to boost the daily nutritional status of the diet, or for acute use during times of additional nutritional needs. Nourishing herbal infusions are easy to make! Try out this simple recipe below and let us know how it went for you!

How To Make A Nourishing Herbal Infusion

Approximately once ounce of dried herb is placed in a quart-size jar and filled with boiling water and allowed to sit for at least four hours but preferable to sit overnight or up to twelve hours. Strain and drink within one day; two to fours cups per day is what the equals out to be.

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