The Anti-Cancer Course

A Holistic Nutrition Therapy Support Group

A diagnosis of cancer often comes with overwhelming shock, anxiety, and fear. Even the most qualified and highly trained doctors may feel at a loss with what next steps to take. Boulder Functional Nutrition’s Cancer Clinic is a support program that equip patients and families to navigate the treatment process with confidence and ease.

Cancer is not the enemy.

Cancer is a messenger to tell us the body needs assistance. By taking a metabolic approach to cancer, we rely on the idea that the body’s environment determines the overall health of a person. When we embrace a culture of whole-body healing, everyone wins.

Stop scrambling after therapies that don’t work. Stop feeling paralyzed by fear. Cut through the confusion of cancer treatment options. Take action today. 

The Cancer Clinic Pillars for Support

Simplify Cancer

A roadmap to better understand how the body’s environment influences cancer risk and outcomes.

Get Expert Guidance

Therapeutic nutrition science helps to foster an unfavorable environment for cancer, while eliminating lifestyle triggers that stimulate its growth.

A Better Quality of Life

Taking a whole-body approach to experience more vitality, peace of mind, and a better quality of life.

Have a question? Reach out!

Your health is our top priority, and we’re here to provide you with the information and support you need.

12 Session Topics


Fortunately, the theory that our genes forecast the fate of our health has been disproven during the last two decades. This may be news to some, but suffice it to say your DNA is not your destiny.



Blood Sugar Balance

Sugar—it’s in practically every modern food we eat and drink and it is fueling our cancers and other chronic illnesses. Sugar consumption is simply off the charts, and most people don’t even think twice about it.


Toxic Burden

The role played by exposure to carcinogens is not to be underestimated when it comes to cancer.



The microbiome is our newest ally in understanding how to prevent and manage cancer.



Immune System Optimization

The immune system’s job is to monitor all cells in the body to make sure they haven’t become cancerous. This process is called immune surveillance, and confers important protection against the development of cancer.


Inflammation + Oxidative Stress

Inflammation and oxidation are bad influences on each other, together forming a vicious cycle that is at the root of the development of cancer.



Inhibiting Cancer Growth

Two processes that happen when cancer starts to get really out of control: angiogenesis, the formation of new blood vessels that help sustain a growing tumor, and metastasis, the development of the cancer in a new site.


Hormonal Balance

Unfortunately, hormone-related and reproductive organ cancers are one of the most common cancers of our time. Breast and prostate cancers now affect one in seven of us.



Recalibrating Stress Levels

Stress is the most powerful carcinogen imaginable. We’ll explore the mechanics of the stress response and how stress contributes to cancer. 


Mental + Emotional Health

Second to food, emotions, and thought patterns are our primary epigenetic modifiers. Our mind really can change our matter, for better or worse.


Personal Relationship With Food Intensive

Learn how to eat more mindfully and have a healthier relationship with food. Adopt and live an upgraded mindset.

Guided 7-Day Group Cleanse

Support the body’s natural detoxification process with a cleanse to prevent & enhance conventional cancer treatments.


When are group sessions offered?

Group coaching sessions are offered monthly, on the second Thursday at 11:00 am mountain standard time.

Do you accept insurance?

Not at this time. BFN is a private practice out of network.

What happens when I apply?

Our priority is ensuring that the program aligns perfectly with your needs. After you apply, we’ll carefully review your application to ensure it’s a good fit and that the program will genuinely benefit you. Then, I’ll reach out to get you excited for this next step together!

Should I do group coaching or 1:1?

That’s totally up to you to decide which is the best fit for your life, goals, and budget. But since social connection is one of the holistic pillars of health, group coaching with other survivors will be of great benefit! 

A group program is an excellent way to gain food confidence as a cancer survivor, bust through all the myths, and reach your nutrition goals at a lower investment than 1:1 coaching. If you thrive off connecting with others and don’t feel like you need as many 1:1 conversations, it could be a great option for you. In 1:1 coaching, you get weekly private calls with me and work in an intimate setting where you’re held accountable to reach your goals quickly.

Often, when someone has been wanting to go all-in with big goals or tackle hard struggles for some time, 1:1 coaching is a better fit. If you want to make changes and empower yourself with knowledge, but your struggles feel more manageable, group coaching is an excellent option.

If you don’t know, I’ll know! If you’re unsure which is the best option for you, contact me and we’ll have an intimate chat about your needs and goals to see what would be the best fit.

Do you offer virtual group sessions?

Yes. Virtual sessions are offered as monthly afternoon group coaching sessions on the second Thursday at 11:00 am mountain time via Zoom. It is always recommended you show up live, but all sessions will be recorded. If you have questions that week, you can email them to us at our main email.

What topics do you cover each month?

Rotating topics each month, you can finish the program in as little as 24 weeks. The topics discussed for cancer prevention and management are: epigenetics, blood sugar balance, toxic burden, microbiome, immune system optimization, inflammation + oxidative stress, inhibiting cancer growth, hormonal balance, recalibrating stress levels, mental + emotional health, 7-day private group cleanse, and a personal relationship with food intensive.

What if the program is closed?

The group programs run year-round. I accept applications to make sure the holistic approach is a good match for you and your treatment goals. Once accepted, memberships are offered with a quarterly investment of $297. You can join any of the 12 group sessions, any time of year, as they fit your schedule. Cancel any time.

What is the investment for the program?

Our 12-session, anti-cancer course program runs year-round. You can join at any time and get instant access to the monthly group session schedule and the anti-cancer course is structured as a ‘go at your own pace’.

How long you are a member is entirely up to you!

Quarterly memberships are $297 and renew every 12 weeks until canceled. With this membership, you have access to the anti-cancer course, all live group coaching sessions, and session recordings as needed. 

“The Anti-Cancer Course changed my life.”

When I started on my cancer journey, I had no idea where to turn and I had a lot of unsolicited advice. I tried so many different things… but since becoming a client, I have less food fear and a greater sense of what to eat. You’ve made eating and treatment less stressful for me.”

– Nata

I’m a young breast cancer survivor and when it came to my post-recovery I felt overwhelmed with the amount of unclear information on the internet about WHAT you can do to reduce your chances of a cancer reoccurrence. I decided to join the group coaching with BFN, and let me tell you … I did so many “small changes” that made me feel better almost right away. I was afraid of finding myself with unrealistic goals for me to accomplish, but Vanessa broke them down for everyone, and helped us find a space on our day-to-day to include our “small change”

This program is an investment in both your mental and physical health. Thank you for everything!”

– Laura

My biggest struggle after diagnosis was understanding what to eat during and after treatment.

The most beneficial part of the time together in the group was the weekly class workshops broken down into topics so as not to get overwhelmed with too much information all at once.

I liked working with Vanessa knowing that I was getting science-based nutrition facts.”

– Lisa

Ready To Erase The Noise Around Cancer Nutrition?

12-session small group coaching program and course | $297 Quarterly Membership

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